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The 6th World Internet Conference was held in Wuzhen, the "light of the Internet" Expo attracted important Internet corporations at home and abroad. For the first time, 1, bathroom heating and air flow health and fitness". It can be reported that almost 1000 authorities staff, best specialists and scholars, and enterprise market leaders from around the globe went to the conference. On the day of the conference, a quantity of frontrunners came to visit and guidebook the sales space. Zhang Bing, stopped at Jiaxing Pavilion of "Internet light" Expo of the sixth Globe Internet Meeting, extremely confirmed the core technological study item "Yuzun No.1 bathroom heating and air conditioning", and pointed away that it is necessary to locate a good direction and focus on essential areas for rapid advancement. At the Internet Conference which goals at brand-new technology, fresh ecology and fresh development, we will discuss the advancement direction of "Internet and smart house" industry jointly with close friends from all over the world. In the potential,1 of OWA Royal Highness · bathroom heating system and air health and fitness Designer shower curtains

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